In 2007, Justin Hewitt released his first LP, a self-titled album that drew international attention in November 2007. With the powerful single ‘Close Your Eyes (Allison’s Song),’ Justin showcased his intense, original, and dynamic artistry, leaving a lasting impact on listeners and garnering multiple accolades.

Taking a lengthly break from composing original music, Justin released his latest solo work in 2019, ‘The Ways To Love You EP.’ Justin continued to capture his authenticity and creative spirit, supported by a team of talented musicians. The EP was immersed in world-class recordings, delivered through captivating performances and heartfelt lyrics.

Justin Hewitt’s music is a collection of songs that delve into the intricacies of love – its excitement, its sadness, its reassurance, and its hope. It also touches upon the profound loneliness that accompanies mental illness, shedding light on the emptiness of artificial connections. It explores the yearning to break free from fear while surrendering control to matters of the heart.

In 2023/24, Justin Hewitt and team are working on a new full length LP, recorded in Baker Studios and the famous Abbey Road Studios, in Studio 2. The new record features a collection of new original material featuring performances from dbClifford, Murray Creed (Groove Studios/Victoria Drum Fest), Rick May (Michael Jackson/Sass Jordan/Rickie Lee Jones) and Josh Szczepanowski (PIGS: Canada’s Most Renowned and Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute).


  • 2023 Recording for 3rd Release underway at Abbey Road Studios Studio 2 and Baker Studios Ltd.
  • 2021 Islands Folk Festival
  • 2019 Vancouver Island Music Festival
  • 2019 EP The Ways To Love You released
  • 2011 Reunion Idol Finalist – David Foster, Amy Foster, Nelly Furtado
  • 2009 Close Your Eyes (Allison’s Song) premiered on Much Music’s The WEDGE, Bravo!Videos, MTV, and the London Independent Film Festival
  • 2008 Independent Music World Series WEST semi- finalist
  • 2008 New Music West Performer
  • 2007 International Songwriting Competition Finalist Performance and songwriting: Close Your Eyes (Allison’s Song) – Honourable Mention
  • 2007 Justin Hewitt LP released
  • 2006 Magdalene College Commemoration Ball showcase w/ Pharrell Williams and the Body Rockers