Crafting Musical Tales Influenced by Legends

Justin Hewitt, a soulful singer-songwriter whose music transcends genres, captivating audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and emotive melodies. Influenced by a diverse array of musical legends such as Radiohead, The Beatles, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, The Clash, Bryan Adams, and The National, Justin works to leave an indelible mark with his evocative performances.

Justin’s journey into the world of music began at a young age. Raised in a household filled with diverse musical influences, he found solace and inspiration in the works of folk legends, rock icons, and contemporary troubadours. These early experiences laid the foundation for his distinctive sound, a seamless blend of folk, indie, and acoustic elements.

The Breakthrough: Debut LP and International Acclaim

In 2007, Justin Hewitt released his first LP, a self-titled album that drew international attention. With the powerful single ‘Close Your Eyes (Allison’s Song),’ Justin showcased his intense, original, and dynamic artistry, leaving a lasting impact on listeners and garnering multiple accolades.  The music video premiered on Much Music’s The WEDGE, Bravo!Videos, MTV, and the London Independent Film Festival.  The single was an honourable mention in both the 2007 International Songwriting Competition as a finalist in performance, and in 2009 for music video.  In 2011 Justin Hewitt performed this single at the Mount Doug Idol 80th Anniversary for judging panelists David Foster, Amy Foster and Nelly Furtado, to much acclaim, placing him in the top three performances that evening.

Versatility and Stage Presence: The Musical World of The Temps

In addition to his solo career, Justin is an integral part of one of Victoria BC’s most celebrated cover band party bands, The Temps. This dynamic group has been lighting up stages across the island for over 13 years, becoming a fixture as one of the house bands at staple venues like the Bard and Banker and Irish Times. The infectious energy of The Temps showcases another facet of Justin’s musical prowess, demonstrating his ability to perform a wide range of musical works, from Pop to Rock to Country to Punk to Ska to Reggae to Blues to Folk.  The Temps engage diverse audiences and keep the party alive.

A Journey of Reflection: ‘The Ways To Love You EP’

Taking a lengthy break from composing original music, Justin released his last solo work in 2019, ‘The Ways To Love You EP.’ Justin continued to capture his authenticity and creative spirit, supported by a team of talented musicians. The EP was immersed in world-class recordings, delivered through captivating performances and heartfelt lyrics.  The 2019 EP was a stepping stone to getting back into original music, with the release of the accompanying music video for the lead single, and performances at the 2019 Vancouver Island Music Festival and 2021 Islands Folk Festival.

Looking Ahead: The Abbey Road Experience and New Full-Length LP

In 2023/24, Justin Hewitt and team continue to work on a new full-length LP, produced by Joby Baker, recorded in Baker Studios and the famous Abbey Road Studios, in Studio 2. The new record features a collection of Justin Hewitt’s new original material, featuring performances from dbClifford (John Lennon Award for Best Pop Song of The Year for song ‘New State Of Mind’), Murray Creed (Groove Studios/Victoria Drum Fest), Rick May (Michael Jackson/Sass Jordan/Rickie Lee Jones) and Josh Szczepanowski (PIGS: Canada’s Most Renowned and Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute).  The story of the Abbey Road Studio 2 Sessions made national media coverage in Canada with CTV coverage coast to coast.  

Evolving Artistry and Ongoing Journey

As Justin Hewitt continues to garner attention from both fans and industry insiders alike, his journey is one of artistic growth and unwavering passion. He continues to deliver with his commitment to authenticity and a sound that resonates across demographics.

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