The Temps are returning to the Irish Times this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We are always happy to play at this venue, enjoying the audience, atmosphere and staff.  I personally have made some deep ties here and I look forward to meeting new people, playing great music and enjoying life at the Times.

Ian is currently away, and David is doing a great job filling in on Bass.

Get your ears ready, and your palettes thirsty, and lets have a few drinks together this weekend.

What’s this about Movember??!!!

Well I have decided to join my colleagues at work and grow a moustache in support of eliminating prostate cancer.  Someone dear to me has been affected by this terrible disease.  It seems like there is always someone that you know that knows someone.  If you would kindly donate, you can find my space here.

Lets work together to get it down to a murmur.

Peace and Love.