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  • birthday_2013

    Birthday Celebration for September 27th @ The Bard and Banker

    Well, it’s that time of year for me again.  My birthday is October 1, which sits on a Tuesday this year.  Do I want to celebrate on that day? Of course I do!  However, I would like to see all you mates and supporters out there for a party! So I will be performing with […]

  • The Temps @ Irish Times and England…

    Well, it has been two whole weeks since the last time I gigged with the Temps.  It feels even longer since I have been in the Irish Times.  I do miss the staff there, and I do miss playing with the mates in the band. If you enjoy The Temps, you will see a lot […]


  • Mount Doug Idol Performance
  • Justin Hewitt w/ David Foster Warm Up
  • Close Your Eyes (Justin Hewitt)
  • Close Your Eyes (Allison


Rob Campbell Photoshoot - Justin in Alley